Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Where home is

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Growing up as an introvert/isolated/anti-social child, i've always favour the company of books and films or any fiction material. To me there's life in books and films and it's always more than what it seems, and it's taught me alot that most have failed to learn- 

There's soo much life and heart poured into a book that it's more of a home than the real world is, cause it's a place where no one can bother or hurt you in any way. At that moment you're in the written world and everything else fade away, all the things that's painful in life are trivial to you. 

That's where my home is, in books- the stories of an orphan wizard finding the meaning of friendship and fighting for what he loves, or a girl realizing her family is still her priority despite the changes she's facing, or just thranduil being the fabulous sassy ass elf he is.

If you somehow stumbled into this blog and a potterhead , I love you.

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