Le Fleur means 'The Flower' which to me it stands for ;- before a flower fully bloom it will go through alot of ordeal. Some even get rip off before they fully lived, it's like everyone in the world. We will go through times that's soo hard sometimes we want to find a way to run from life. 

I am a 20 year old book lover-geek-girl from south east asia, I spend my days reading books and watching films, all kind ofc- our life shouldn't be fixed on seeing only one thing. I am named monstrously long so I'm called yana / alice for short, you can call me whichever rows your boat . I make lame jokes that only I, myself find hillariously funny. I love rainy days and the way the whole world feels when it rains. An awkward potato, but talkative when im hyper, and babble alot when im sleepy.

Enjoy your time here in my blog, if you need to talk to me, do send me a mail 

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